The NotterSchool of Pastry Arts

I wasn't certain what I was getting myself into when I first decided to put 4 hard earned years of
Construction Management away to toy about the idea of Pastry School.
I'm glad I didn't listen to my logic and took the plunge.
Post graduation; I don't think I'm doing too bad where I'm at.

Settling in:
First Weekend in Orlando
11th Jan - A soup for One
21st Jan - food network
Easter Weekend
Eating Well and Feeling great
Happy Chinese new Year 2008
Bake Me A Cake
Calling Orlando my Home
Izziban Sushi (Cr of Sand Lake and OBT)

European 24 Week Programme (NotterSchool of Pastry Arts):
*Beginning of My Journey
Jan 8th - first day @ the notterschool
Jan 10th
Jan 17th
Jan 23rd - Yeast+dough
Jan 24th - Laminated Dough
Jan 27th - Week1 ArtisanBreads

Feb 5th - Baguettes and Loaves
Feb 8th - Week 2 Artisan Breads
Feb 14th - Petit Four - Cookies
Feb 16th - Cookies + SMH article
Feb 28th - Meringues and buttercream

March 3rd - Angel Food bundt cakes
March 22nd - Classic Cakes
March 27th - Tales of Tarts

April 3rd - Meringues (Cakes+Tarts final)
April 8th - Pastillage with Chef Ewald
April 12th - Sugar Cookies
April 17th - Wedding cakes (week 1)
A Three tier White cake
April 25th - Chocolate Wedding cake
April 27th - "Cake" practical (7 year old birthday cake)

May 3rd - Week 1; plated desserts
May 10th - Tips on Plating desserts (Chef Susan Kolman)
May 18th - Chocolates pralines and candies
May 21st - Sugar + sweets

June 11th 2008 - Blown Sugar
Chocolate Showpieces


Famous Faces and Unforgettable experiences:
Mini Cake Challenge
Chocolate Methodology *Chef Anil Rohira + Chef Ewald Notter
James Rosselle - SugarFlowers (March 08)
Ron Ben Isreal @ the NotterSchool
Stephane Treand - airbrushing 21/1/08
Vincent Pilon - April 18th 2008
Colette Peters
Winter Park Markets 12th Jan
Strawberry Festival; Plant City

The United States of America; Orlando, Florida:
Atlanta Braves Spring Training; Orlando 2008
Champagne grapes
Egg souffle--Wholefoods
Evil milk!
Father's Day 2008
Girlfriends! "Sex in the city"
Happy 4th of July!! - red white + blue tarts
ICES 2008 Orlando Florida
Katie + Mindy (Aubergine+spinach pasta bake)
Kitchen Aid
Malaysian Dinner with Suzi and Family
Mother's Day 2008; Chocolate box
Southern Biscuits; Cookies? Scones? muffins?
Stacked Mango cheesecake
tomatillo salsa
My goodbyes

Travels within the continent:
SanFransisco June 2008
Honeymoon Island (Florida)
Las Vegas (May 2008)
Nassau Islands (Bahamas)- The Reef Atlantis
New York (Winter Febuary 08)